For anyone, from absolute beginners to the ELITE.


For anyone, from absolute beginners to the elite


For anyone, from absolute beginners to the elite


We are THE premier strength and conditioning gym in Brisbane, specialising in:




Increased Sports Performance


Body Recomposition


Increased Cardiovascular Fitness

We pride ourselves on having an environment that is second to none. You won’t find the same level of encouragement and support at any other gym. Everyone who trains at PTC Brisbane wants to be there. PTC is open to everybody. You don’t have to be strong, you don’t have to be fast and you don’t have to be lean. BUT PTC is a gym for people that want to improve. As the owner and a lifter, I have a passion for seeing my lifters make progress, so I expect everyone to be as committed to their progress as I am. I include programming and discounted coaching in memberships at PTC; because if my members aren’t moving forward, my gym is moving backwards. If you’re after an awesome gym, and you want to train hard with like-minded people, please feel free to come and check us out.   Scott Wasson Owner and Head Coach

Great equipment, great atmosphere, superb staff and lifters. No gimmicks, just strength

-- Scott Carroll --

All memberships include


Discounted Coaching

With years of powerlifting experience Scott takes the time to learn the ins and outs of each individual athlete. Having the watchful eye of one of Australia’s best coaches, sets you up with the best chance for progress and success, both in training and in competition.


Programs designed for the individual and tailored for any specific goals ensure that progress is made and consistency is achieved in training. This produces consistent results, which can be applied to where it matters - be it on the powerlifting platform, sporting field or day-to-day life.

A Supportive Team Environment

There is nothing quite the same as training with like-minded people. Having the support of those around you pushes you to reach your best, and encourages you on days when things aren’t going to plan. It doesn’t matter what weight you have on the bar, you will be part of the team at PTC.



Scott Wasson

Director - Head Powerlifting Coach

AlIcia Fistonich

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Jordan Brown

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Josh Tait

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Matt Gorle

Nutrition Specialist

Matt Stenzel

Remedial Massage Therapist

Tish Wasson

Marketing and Accounts

Amazing atmosphere, owners are motivating and supportive, great equipment. Would recommend this gym for beginners or top level lifters

-- Jess Gilbert --




Our unparalleled coaching services

Not only is Scott Wasson an elite level powerlifter himself, he is also one of the leading powerlifting coaches in Australia. With several of the country’s best athletes under his guidance. Scott takes a comprehensive approach to coaching…

Gym Access


Gain access to Brisbane’s premier training facility

Boasting some of the best equipment money can buy. We have everything you could possibly need to improve your strength and fitness…


Matt Stenzel offers remedial massage and dry needling services at PTC. Matt has been a competitive powerlifter  for 9 years, so he truly understands the issues that arise from strength training and especially, powerlifting. He is especially good at identifying……

Online Coaching


All the benefits of coaching, online.

Online coaching is a fantastic and comprehensive alternative to in-person coaching. Coaching plans can be tailored for any goal, with a key technical focus on the 3 power-lifts.

PTC Brisbane is a performance based facility offering world class equipment for strength and conditioning. A great team environment encouraging lifters from novice to elite to improve strength and skills

-- Ricky Goodyear --

The Gods smile upon this temple of pain and sacrifice

-- Alex Evans --


PTC Brisbane boasts the most well-equipped powerlifting gym in Brisbane, including specialist powerlifting equipment, dumbbells, strongman equipment, machines, a variety of conditioning tools and more.

  4 Monolifts 3  Commercial power racks 3 sets of Olympic squat stands 4 Competition bench press 5 deadlift platforms Boxes for block pulls Inline bench Seated shoulder press 2 adjustable benches Fixed bench Wall mounted dip bars 115kg of chains 1-4 boards Full set of Power Bands Full set of Mini power bands
Strongman equipment
Yoke Farmers handles Strongman frame 30kg Log 42kg Log 80kg Log 34kg keg 45kg keg 56kg keg 63kg keg 70kg keg 80kg keg 93kg keg 40kg Atlas stone 50kg Atlas stone 60kg Atlas stone 74kg Atlas stone 90kg Atlas stone 130kg Atlas stone 141kg Atlas stone 151kg Atlas stone 157kg Atlas stone Ropes for pulling cars and conditioning 8lb Sledge hammer 3 Tyres up to 380kg 2 40kg Axles  
Leg press 2x Leg extension Laying hamstring curl Standing hamstring curl Seated row Chest supported row Lat pull down Tricep press down Calf raise GHR Reverse Hyper
2 35mm SportsKraft squat bars 2x 33mm Okie squat bars 3x Okie deadlift bars 1 Texas deadlift bar 1 SportsKraft deadlift bar 1 Valhalla deadlift bar 1 Eleiko power bar 29mm SportsKraft Power bar 1 Valhalla safety squat bar (40kg) 2 Safty squat bar 12  ABC power bars 1 Pendlay Olympic weightlifting bar 1 Trap bar 1 Swiss bar 1 15kg womens Olympic weightlifting bar.
408.5kg of calibrated Ivanko competition plates 440kg coloured G2 bumper plates 155kg IronEdge bumper plates 3000kg of steel plates 8 pairs of 2.5kg Ivanko collars
Dumbbells from 1kg to 70kg 2 x 4kg Kettlebells 2 x 8kg Kettlebells 2 x 10kg Kettlebells 2 x 12kg Kettlebells 2 x 14kg Kettlebells 4 x 16kg Kettlebells 2 x 20kg Kettlebells 1 x 24kg Kettlebell 1 x 28kg Kettlebell 1 x 32kg Kettlebell 1 x 40kg Kettlebell 1 x 48kg Kettlebell 1 x 56kg Kettlebell 1 x 64kg Kettlebell
Prowler Skipping ropes Ropes for pulling cars and conditioning 8lb Sledgehammer Tyre Farmers handles Plyo boxes 15m AstroTurf track

Great gym with an even better atmosphere. Scott & Tish have done an excellent job establishing one of the best strength training gyms in the country. If you’re in Brisbane get down to PTC

-- Michael John Toomer --

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  PERFORMANCE TRAINING CENTRE Opening hours Monday-Friday: 5am-8am then 11am-9pm Saturday: 8am-3pm Sunday: 2pm-6pm Address 217 Toombul Road, Northgate, 4013 QLD, Australia Phone Scott Wasson - 0400 31 9394